if you were not being paid would you still turn up to work?

1 in 5 people claim to love their jobs. Is it only about the money?

  • Fact 1: Money Is a motivator
  • Fact 2: Once you believe you are paid what you are worth other motivating factors come into play.

If your feeling stuck and frustrated or even if you are loving life, there are key skills you need to learn be in control of your future.

Take the quiz, watch the videos and visit the store. It’s time to understand what is going on in your world and see if you are on the right bus!

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21st Century Learner

My children are 21st Century learners! I know this because every prospective High School we have visited for my daughter has told me so.

The 21st Century Leaner not only gets taught the boring old basics that you and I learnt at school, they also get taught the art of “creative and critical thinking” and “how to build their leadership capabilities”.

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