21st Century Learner

My children are 21st Century learners! I know this because every prospective High School we have visited for my daughter has told me so.

The 21st Century Leaner not only gets taught the boring old basics that you and I learnt at school, they also get taught the art of “creative and critical thinking” and “how to build their leadership capabilities”.

Sounds great and when you think about what businesses require from their employees today this is on the money. Academic smarts are no longer enough in today’s workplaces, we need to be able to apply what we know in a rapidly changing and increasingly complex world.

I can’t fault the intent, there is one minor concern I do have with how this will play out.

If we are training all our kids to be great Leaders, who is going to do the following?

All the good leaders I have met know when to lead from the front and they also know when to become part of the team.

I would propose there is another thing that all of us as 21st Century Learners need to know.

“If you want to lead, you need to learn how to follow.”

(Advice offered to John Snow on The Game of Thrones, another 21st century phenomenon!)