We have heard “Are you on the bus or off the bus?” many times in our careers. It’s a great phrase, but like anything, put it in the wrong hands it can do more harm than good.

For the last 15 years in our training and consulting business we have been making sense of the world for our clients and for ourselves. We are business people with a passion for helping you navigate and enjoy your journey through the ever changing world.

On The Bus is our chance to shake off the shackles of corporate correctness. We are not towing any company line, this site is about getting you to stop and think.

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Can We Help?

Absolutely!  We provide training, consultancy and coaching to enable individuals to be more engaged and leaders to be more engaging.  We ensure better outcomes for everybody involved.

Choose something “off the shelf” or have it designed and delivered for your specific need. Have a look at us in action to see what we are all about.



Louise Davis

“She talks to people and wears lipstick!” My daughter’s description (at age 4) of the work I do and I couldn’t have said it any better! I do talk to people, mainly leaders, because I am interested about human performance in business.

My curiosity in people has set the course for my career adventure, where my experience in human behaviour has been woven through roles in, sales at a leading health retreat, marketing (and participating in) NLP training programs, National Training Manager at Estee Lauder Co. (that’s where the lipstick comes in), leading to my role as a facilitator, coach and consultant in the corporate world.

With a degree in Business Management and as a Certified NLP Trainer, I work with leaders helping you to give the best of yourself so that you can get the best from others – you need to be engaged to get others engaged!

At the heart of it, I simply remind you that the quality of the conversations you have or don’t have and your ability to speak human, is significant in defining your personal and professional success.

So that’s why I talk to people (and love wearing lipstick)!


Ben Reeve

I am intrigued about how businesses work. From the people who run them, to the systems and process that they put in place, to the individuals that make it all work.

After graduating in the UK, I fell into the early 1990’s IT boom. The formative part of my business career was spent working for rapidly growing personal computer companies. I held a variety of sales, marketing and operational roles in Europe and Asia. I ended up in Sydney, Australia, where I have lived for the last 17 years.

Rapid consolidation of the industry in the late 90′s meant that I played an active role in several mergers and acquisitions and I gained more experience in those 12 years than I may have expected to get in a lifetime. This was the springboard for my second career, working as a consultant, facilitator and coach.

From working with CEO’s, high achievers and with folks who turn up to a session because they have been told to attend and would rather be elsewhere, I love helping others make sense of what is going on in today’s business world.

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